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Avoiding the Dark Side of the Open Access

Avoiding the Dark Side of the Open Access

A recent article from the The New York Times has pointed out some of the difficulties that the Open Access movement faces. According to the article, some online titles charge a handsome sum to authors, after luring them in to submit their work. In addition, these journals seem to exploit academics’ names to build up captivating editorial boards.

We therefore decided to clarify some points regarding Contention.

Contention is an open access journal on both sides of the process. That means that authors do not have to pay any fees when they submit their work to the journal or when their work is published, and readers do not pay to read the journal. Printed copies of the journal are available for a small fee through our publisher Punctum Books, but the contents of the journal always remains free online.

The editors and the editorial board are made up of academics who are interested in developing multidisciplinary knowledge in the area of social protest. We are not interested in profit and Contention is a non-profit publication. Contention’s editorial board was built through a public call and has been selected after careful scrutiny of the applicants. Some of the academics who are parts of the editorial board have been invited by the editors or have approached the editors themselves.

Papers are published after a careful and considerate double-blind peer review process. The review process is managed by a dedicated editorial board and by the editors themselves. Care is taken to provide accurate and expert feedback to the authors by experts in the field.

Also very importantly, no work will be published without the consent of the author.

Contention’s aim is to improve communication between an interdisciplinary community of scholars around the topic of social protest.

Contention was born out of the Theory Action & Impact of Social Protest (TAISP) conference, which took place on October 13th and 14th and the University of Kent in Canterbury, UK.

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