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Important Changes to Contention

We are delighted to announce that, starting in 2017, Contention will be published in partnership with Berghahn Books ( Berghahn is an award winning publisher of academic books and journals, based in New York and Oxford. Alongside this exciting partnership, there are going to be some changes to the way in which articles in Contention are published. These are detailed in the below paragraphs.

When we started Contention, we were keen to adopt a pure open access model. Doing so has allowed us to grow rapidly and to disseminate authors’ work widely, all without placing financial constraints upon authors or institutions. As a consequence of substantial successes over the past few years, Contention now finds itself an established interdisciplinary journal in the field of social protest, attracting frequent, high quality contributions from the international academic community. It was with these successes in mind, and a desire to build on them, that we have decided to partner with Berghahn, leaving us much better resourced as Editors to support the journal as it continues to grow.

In line with a move to a dedicated publisher, however, comes the costs of publication itself, and we have had to make a decision about whether that cost should be borne by scholars, but retaining our Open Access model, or by institutions, switching to a subscription basis. It is our opinion as Editors that we will be better able to attract the highest quality contributions by adopting a subscription approach. Nonetheless, we are keen to retain some of the benefits of Open Access for those authors who need it, and consequently will be developing various Hybrid Open Access solutions for those who desire to make their articles OA compliant.  Authors in pre-2017 issues will of course be free to retain their article’s ‘legacy’ OA status should they wish to do so.

Note that Vol 4 Iss 1-2 (October 2016) will still be published using the OA model. 


More information will be published soon. In the meantime, if you have any question do not hesitate to get in touch with us.