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Call For Associate Editors and Reviewers

The Journal

Contention is a scientific journal which aims to offer a novel contribution to the study of social protest. The purpose of Contention is twofold: first, it will aim to become an ongoing forum for debate and discussion across the social sciences and humanities on the topic of Social Protest. We hope to advance our problem solving capacity and deepen our knowledge regarding a comprehensive range of collective actions, social movements and other forms of political and social contention. Second, Contention accepts the challenges brought about by multidisciplinary cross-fertilization and aspires to expand the community of academics who are able to learn from and help to produce advances in a variety of different disciplines.

Each issue of the journal will present a diversified, yet coherent range of articles from many areas, disciplines and points of view. Contention privileges the critical debates among scholar and commentaries and special issues are welcomed.

Call for Associate Editors

Contention is recruiting Associate Editors in the following areas


  •   Humanities (including but not limited to History, Philosophy & Ethics, Arts and Literature)
  •   Social Sciences (especially Anthropology, Social Psychology, Economics, Criminology, Law and Educational Sciences)


We are looking for  enterprising researchers or postgraduate researchers active in the areas mentioned above and with a broad interest and demonstrable expertise in the field of social protest, social movements or collective behavior. The candidate should be willing to work in a multidisciplinary environment with colleagues from different fields. We also require proficiency in English. Demonstrable experience in publication process will be an advantage.

Once a manuscript has been submitted, the Editor will check the proposed submission for suitability. Should the work be deemed suitable for starting the review process, the Editor will contact an Associate Editor from an appropriate field of expertise. From this point on, the Associate Editors will be required to handle the manuscript. The Associate Editor will be asked to invite feedback from appropriate and expert reviewers (both in the Contention Editorial Board and using her/his personal contacts). At least two reviews should be obtained or each manuscript, one of which could be written by the Associate Editor herself/himself if the manuscript falls directly in her/his area of expertise.

The Associate Editor will then formulate a recommendation for the manuscript (rejected, conditionally accepted, accepted) and defending his or her recommendation, merging the feedbacks and providing comments for the authors. The Associate Editor will inform the Editor and pending the Editor’s decision will be asked to communicate with the author until the paper is ready for publication.

The Associate Editor will also be asked to contribute to the journal more broadly with its direction. The Associate Editor will take into consideration one of the main purposes of Contention, namely engaging scholars in multidisciplinary research. The Associate Editor will actively search for interesting ways to bridge papers in each issue, to invite and produce cross-disciplinary commentaries for the papers. Occasionally, the Associate Editor will be invited to write the editorial introduction to the issue. The ideal candidate has good communication skills and is willing to enhance the representation of her/his own discipline within Contention.

Call for Reviewers

Contention is recruiting active researchers and postgraduate researchers with interest and expertise in the fields of social protest, social movements and collective behavior. Researchers with expertise in cross-disciplinary fields (e.g., feminism and collective actions, educational sciences and social movement, etc.) will be particularly welcomed.

The reviewer is a cornerstone of the journal. She or he will be contacted by an Associate Editor or an Editor and will be invited to provide feedbacks for a manuscript that falls in her/his areas of expertise. The reviewer will be asked to shape the direction of the Journal by discussing why a specific manuscript is suitable or not suitable for publication, she or he will need to produce feedback for the authors and comment on how to improve the manuscript.

Reviewers will have the opportunity to be the first to know which type of research is produced in their area and to gain valuable experience in the publication process. In addition they will exercise their critical skills and abilities to produce commentaries and provide feedback to colleagues in the same area of research.

How to apply

To apply for becoming a member of the Editorial Board of Contention, please send an academic CV and a brief cover letter to the Editor of Contention, Giovanni Travaglino at The cover letter should clearly specify which position the candidate is applying for. For the position of Associate Editor it is important that the candidate express why she/he would be suitable for the position and how she/he would contribute to the Editorial line of Contention. Both Associate Editor and Reviewers should specify their areas of research and expertise.

Deadline: 30th November 2012.

Download the Call for Associate Editors & Reviewers here


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